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The EODD System

8/17 10:20:06
The EODD system has been creating thousands of success stories with testimonials to back them up since 2004. Many people are finding that this is the first weight loss program that they haven't fallen off or quit weeks into.

What makes the EODD system different than most weight loss programs?

Well there are many different aspects of this program that are different than most traditional weight loss programs. As with your typical weight loss program, you start by following a low calorie diet. The idea is to push your metabolism to burn body fat to replace the calories it doesn't get every day. This may seem like a logical rule to follow, but more times than not people fall off of a program due to the strict diet they are unable to follow!

The EODD system is designed to not only promote healthy eating and moderate exercise, but it also encourages you to eat your favorite foods like pizza, hamburgers, pasta, ect. The concept behind the EODD system is to eat lightly one day and eat foods rich in protein to help your body burn fat, but every other day from eating lightly, you can eat whatever you want to get higher calories.

By varying your daily calorie intake, you confuse your metabolism to constantly work at burning calories. When your body can't predict just how many calories are being eaten everyday, it works harder and harder to keep up by speeding up your metabolism. So on days where you eat light and eat lots of protein, your body still burns just as it would on a day where you have your favorite foods!

So is the EODD system for you?

If you have failed other weight loss programs because of a strict diet, or if you don't have hours to invest a day at a gym then you may want to consider the EODD system and see for yourself if it the right fit for you.
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