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Stages of Kevin Trudeaus Diet Program

8/17 10:19:11
Kevin Trudeau HCG weight reduction treatment is divided into four stages. There is the one month preparatory phase, the diet proper which is phase 2, and the maintenance diet which is phase 3 and your life-time diet which is stage four. The diet plan, nevertheless, with additions here and there is essentially just like the one suggested by Dr. Simeon in his book "Pounds and Inches".

There is really nothing special with phase 1. All it involves are activities meant to prepare the body for the diet proper. There is a list of to do's and don'ts which the dieter choose to follow or not. Some of the do's include ingesting a great amount of liquids each day to cleanse the body of waste, at least an hour of slow paced but steady walk and some minutes of sunshine. There is also the recommendation that the dieter eat some health foods like apples, breadfruit, etc. There are a lot of other things the dieter is supposed to do too numerous to mention here.

The five hundred calorie per day diet begins stage 2. Like Dr. Simeon's procedure, the initial three days is allocated to stuffing the dieter with calorie loaded foods in order that he doesn't run out of power. After this period the calorie deprived diet is implemenented. The recipe of Trudeau won't vary much from the menu of Dr. Simeons with regards to amounts of calories allowed daily, so dieters can expect the same results from either of the two. The only distinction is Trudeau's provides more alternatives. This diet is to last for 23 or forty-six days depending on the weight reduction timeframe chosen.

Phase 3 runs for three weeks. The diet during this stage, obviously, will no longer restrict calories to five-hundred. The dieter can consume as much as he wishes with restrictions: no sugars, though organic sweeteners are allowed, no trans-fats, no fast and junk foods, and very little cold drinks.

Phase 4 is the dieters' life-long diet. Kevin Trudeau suggests eating all-organic meals to make certain that the weight problem does not comeback and excellent health is sustained.
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