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Uses of the Calorie Restricted HCG Hormone Diet

8/17 10:19:02
Obesity and weight problems are fast becoming a world-wide problem. It is not surprising at all that that the health and fitness industry is also fast becoming a billion dollar industry. Among the weight loss programs arousing a lot of interest from people with weight problems is the HCG weight loss program. It is a program a lot different from the usual diet and exercise varieties people have come to expect in that it gets rids of the exercise part while implementing a severely curtailed calorie consumption diet. Instead of the exercise, the program relies on injection of HCG hormones to ensure weight loss.

The HCG weight loss program expects users to lose a pound or two a day. This rate of weight loss is definitely one of the fastest among all weight problems remedies around. Understandably such promise serves as a major come-on for dieters, but not all appreciate the HCG method. A lot of people particularly those coming from the ranks of health and fitness professionals do not approve. First, they contend there is no scientific basis in claiming the HCG hormone is effective for weight loss. Second, they think the HCG hormone diet is too severe and can cause serious health problems.

Despite the objections from some quarters there is no denying the fact that the HCG program gas helped a lot of people remedy their weight problems. Majority of user's feedback points to the effectiveness of the program. There may not be a conclusive scientific study explaining just how the hormone accelerates the metabolic process of the body, allowing it to burn all stored fats, but there is simply no reason to ignore actual user experiences.

Many will ask if the HCG hormone is effective, why need the low calorie diet at all? Well, according to HCG experts there are a couple of reasons why the diet is indispensible. First, the hormone may have accelerated your metabolic process, but if you continue to stuff your body with great amounts of calories, it may not get around to burning your stored body fats. You may not gain anymore weight; however, it is possible that you will not lose weight either. Second, the diet has a special role in the program; it activates the power of the HCG which means that without it, the hormone will useless.

The diet is a diet limiting the calorie intake a day. Meals are confined to fiber and protein rich foods which are meant to focus the body from fat storing to muscle mass building. Eventually, to sustain program gains this diet will be the dieter's permanent diet with a few changes including more but controlled consumption of fats and starch.
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