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HGC - Is It Good For Weight Loss?

8/17 10:18:55
More and more people are finding themselves contending with weight problems. This development is not at all surprising. People are increasingly leading frenetic lives, spending more time at the office and rushing home to take care of the family. There is less time for exercise and healthier home cooking. Food manufacturers and eating places are quick to adapt to the changing lifestyles and accordingly came up with easy to prepare foods and take outs full of grease, starch and sugars for the convenience of busy people. The combination of spending too much time in front of desks and eating the foods churned out by the food manufacturers and eating establishments are surefire way of adding inches in the most unlikely places of the body. Fittingly, along with the billion- dollar fast food industry is the billion dollar health and fitness industry.

There are possibly hundreds of weight loss methods around offering the obese and those in the brink of becoming one to get rid of the annoying and unsightly bulges. There are the usual diet and exercise combinations and there are plenty of foods, drinks most specially, specially formulated to help people keep their weight down, even eliminate excess weight. One of the most revolutionary weight loss plans ever to hit the weight loss market is the HGC hormone for weight loss, though it is not by any means new.

HGC is a hormone proven to have the property to change the metabolism of people - from slow to fast. People get fat because their metabolism cannot cope up with the amount of calories consumed everyday. The result is layers of fats the body keeps adding to with each calorie filled meal. The HCG changes all this. The hormone accelerates the metabolic process of the body, burning all calories with utmost efficiency. It also helps that the HCG weight loss program features a 500 calorie a day diet which means that the body can concentrate on eliminating stored fats.

HGC is a substance hormone produced by pregnant women. It adjusts the women's metabolism to allow them to eat all the foods they need to maintain their health and provide the nutritional requirement of their babies. This property of the hGC prompted Dr. Simeons, to endorse it for weight loss treatments.

There are people who doubt the supposed powers of the HGC. They also doubt the safety of the HCG VLCD, but apparently dieters are convinced. This is proven by the simple act of reading online HGC diet forums where HCG dieters exchange views and share experiences from the HGC weight loss treatment.
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