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How to Overcome the Challenges of the HCG Hormone Weight Loss Diet

8/17 10:18:53
The HGC hormone diet for weight loss appears easy on paper, but it is not. What weight loss program, for that matter, is easy?, absolutely none. All will require some form of sacrifice from you, although some will demand more than the others. The HCG program demands a little less but this does not make it easy which means you have to extra careful in managing the program.

The program features a couple of components closely working together to help you shed one to two pounds of excess weight a day. There's the very low calorie daily diet and there's the HCG hormone. It looks very attractive but there's no sense in rushing into it. There are things you have to understand first before you take the final decision because once you have made the decision to go for it, you cannot do it haphazardly. You either do it with full commitment or not at all.

Main thing you must understand is how one component cannot work without the other. The hormone, though proven potent in accelerating metabolism which is the main factor in shedding weight fast, will not work without the diet and the severely calorie starved diet will be too hard to endure without the hormone. The diet activates the inherent power of the hormone to change the body's metabolism while the activated hormone suppresses hunger fangs, making the diet easier to follow.

The hormone administration protocol is not as uncomfortable as before. Today HCG ingestion is made easier by the introduction of the HCG oral drops. With this method, you are no longer required to do the 23 daily injections which many dieters found time-consuming and painful. Though done three times a day, the oral drops are much more hassle- free than the shots.

The prescribed diet can pose more challenges, even with the power of the hormone to suppress hunger fangs fully activated. This is not because the diet is particularly difficult, this because entrenched habits are often hard to eliminate. You have to be always in the correct mind set to prevent yielding to temptations to cheat a little too frequently.

You can be forgiven when you entertain thoughts of cheating. The diet presents a very drastic change in your eating habits. Naturally, you are accustomed to consuming really calorie loaded meals; else you wouldn't be in your present predicament. You have to familiarize yourself with the prescribed HCG diet which is basically a protein and fiber diet and so limited in food selections.

What you can do is to look up the original HCG diet menu provided by Dr. Simeons, the founder of the HCG program; study it and devise strategies on how you can make it a little bit interesting, because for the next 23 days you are expected to eat practically the same foods over and over again. There is no prohibition, however, on coming up with your version of the diet recipe just as long as the 500 calorie a day and the fiber and protein diet is duly observed. You may have a lot of fun creating you own diet plan while watching you figure trim down to your preferred size. You can get plenty of tips from your fellow HCG dieters who have done or also doing the same.
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