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Is HCG Safe?

8/17 10:18:47
The HCG weight loss program is perhaps the most controversial weight loss program around. First of all, it is perhaps the only program that gets rid of exercise as component. It even discourages HCG users to perform any strenuous physical workouts while the program is on-going. Secondly, it features a very low diet calorie many people are not comfortable with.

Many people wonder if the HCG is safe for weight loss at all. If you ask health and fitness professionals if they consider the program safe, most of them will probably answer with a resounding "NO". You cannot actually blame them for taking such a position. After all there is no scientific evidence backing up the claim that the HCG actually accelerates the metabolic process. They are also lukewarm on the HCG diet. They consider it too low on calorie content as to pose danger to the health of dieters. One of their major issues concerning the diet is the possible loss of muscle mass and protein particularly in some of the vital organs of the body which can result to breakdown of essential body functions.

Most users will probably take a contrary position. There's no denying that what has been coming out of users feedbacks have largely indicated that they find the program effective. Of course, the approval is not by any means unanimous. But there's no way people can automatically assign blame to the hormone. Users reporting less than satisfactory results of their HCG weight loss programs probably are victims of HCG scams or they are not following the protocols conscientiously.

How then to answer the question "Is HCG safe"? It depends on which side you consider credible. If you find the experts more credible, then, it is probably unsafe for you personally. However, for thousands of people who have benefitted and will benefit from the program, HCG is not only safe but effective as well.
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