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Benefits of HCG Hormone Weight Loss Program

8/17 10:18:46
A hormone helping people lose weight? Many people, of course, are skeptical of such a method. The accepted norm for them is usual diet and exercise routine and perhaps some supplements thrown in to prod the weight loss process along. This may be just what people who do not have severe weight need, but for those who have a big problem and want it solved at the fastest possible time, they can do with the hormone. The hormone ensures swift elimination of frustrating excess weight.

The hormone referred to here is the HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadatropin. This hormone is produced by expecting women and used to build up the inner walls of the womb to protect and develop babies and help them absorb nutrients coming from the bodies of mothers. Aside from these, the hormone performs another invaluable function. It helps change the metabolism of mothers, focusing it on efficient burning of foods to ensure ample and steady supply of nutrients necessary for maintaining the health the mothers and growth needs of the babies.

For Dr. Simeons, the founder of the HCG program, the inherent ability of the HCG to change the metabolism is the reason why HCG is excellent agent of weight loss. The only problem is that in the body of a dieter HCG does not work on its own. Thus, the doctor formulated a diet the main purpose of which is to activate the powers of the hormone.

Today, the HCG hormone weight loss program is gaining a lot attention. The main attraction seems to be in the programs promise to drop one to two pounds of flab off the dieter's body in a daily basis, which certainly fast by any standard. There is also the promise to achieve goal this even without the usual workout routines. With the way people live days, always busy, this thing about workouts is heaven sent indeed.

But it is not as if the dieter has nothing to do at all but ingest 125 iu of the hormone everyday for 23 days. Unfortunately, there is no escaping the diet. As already explained without the diet, the hormone is basically a waste of money. Truth to tell, however, there is really no reason for dieters to be overly worried about the diet. They may be required to strictly adhere to a 500 calorie a day diet also for 23 days, which may appear too excessive a demand, but in reality the diet is not pose problems too difficult to overcome. Why? Well, the hormone suppresses hunger fangs.
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