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The Ingredients to Herbal Weight Loss

8/17 10:18:28
Let's face it - no magic potion or miracle pill can make you melt the pounds away overnight.

The truth is that true weight loss begins with you, from eating in moderation to exercising at least 30 minutes a day. But when combined with a healthy diet and fit lifestyle, all natural diet pills or weight loss dietary supplements may give you the boost to help further your weight loss regimen.

From drinking a tea infused with weight loss herbs to taking an herbal nutrition supplement, such natural plant herb ingredients, found in products like Bio3 Natural Health Products' Weight Control Tea, may promote weight loss in a variety of ways.

Here, we list some common medicinal herbs included in herbal infusions with suspected impact on weight loss:

Cassia Angustifolia, also known as senna, has a powerful laxative action that provides natural remedies for constipation and has a cleansing effect. A natural plant herb native to Africa and cultivated in regions of India and Pakistan, senna is an ingredient widely used in weight loss products. It is recommended to drink plenty of water when consuming products containing senna as dehydration is a common side-effect.

Salvia Officinalis, or sage, is a leaf grown in the Mediterranean region. While the cultivated herb is used primarily in flavoring foods, the herb may aid in digestion.

Malva Sylvestris, simply mallow, is a common weed plant originating in Southern Europe and Asia. Ancient Greeks and Romans used mallow as a food product and medicine, and today, mallow is used in herbal infusions for bodily cleansing.

Fucus Vesiculosus, a brown seaweed variety known as bladderwack, is found on the northern coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the North and Baltic seas. It is a common ingredient found in weight loss products.

Cynara Scolymus, or the globe artichoke, has shown increased flow of bile due to the plant's concentration of Cynara. Bile is a fluid produced by the liver and aids in the emulsification of food fats. A study published by the University Hospital Mè¼nster's Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology states that the ancient Romans used extracts from artichoke leaves and flower heads to treat indigestion.

Still, consulting a doctor is advised when taking over-the-counter medicines and alternative herbal remedies, especially if the user is pregnant or breastfeeding. Just remember that such herbal infusions, as with any other weight loss product, are not substitutes for healthy eating and daily exercise.
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