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Legumes - The Base Of A Low Carb Diet Plan

8/17 10:18:07
A low carb diet has been one of the popular weight loss diets in the past. Unfortunately experience has shown that it is not good for keeping the weight off. It is however, a very healthy diet. A low carb diet plan puts a limit on the amount of carbohydrates you take in and maintains a high level of protein. The protein is contained in fish, beans, meat and legumes.

If you are wondering, peanuts, alfalfa, clover, carob beans, soybeans, peas, lentils and beans fall into the category of legumes. International studies have found that legumes play a big part in the diet of communities that have a low incidence of heart disease.

Carbohydrates are in a range of foods in varying quantities. When they get into your blood they become glucose, thus increasing your blood sugar level. A diet that is low in carbs can help to stabilize your blood sugar level.

Low carb diets are a popular choice amongst people who want to lose weight fast. This is because your body needs to burn fat for energy if there is a comparatively low level of sugar in your blood.

A low carb diet is a matter of choosing which carb to take into your body. Sweets, baked goods, biscuits, white bread and sugary drinks contain carbs that are bad for losing weight and health in general.

The carbs that are contained in legumes and fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, are good for you. These are complex carbohydrates which are contain a lot of fiber. Fiber slows down your digestion, makes you feel full and keeps your blood glucose level from going up sharply.

As with all diets you need to do some planning before you start. You should avoid pasta, carrots and potatoes because they will cause a sharp rise in insulin levels. Fortunately legumes are one of the types of foods that can add a rich variety of flavors to your meals. To see which legumes have what level of carbs, you will need to get hold of a glycemic index chart. This will be invaluable in helping you stay within a daily limit of carbohydrates.

When you are choosing legumes for your diet, stay away from canned varieties. If you do not have a choice, then for the canned beans that are low in sodium. Fresh is best and frozen is nearly as good. Darker colored beans have less carbs. And the carbs they do have are more easily absorbed by the body. Also, you do not necessarily have to cook your food. You can rinse and chill peas and beans and eat them raw.

Legumes contain a lot of protein, so when you are planning your diet you will need to remember to maintain a balanced level of proteins and fats. If your low carb diet entails a higher than usual level of proteins, this will result in your kidneys needing to process any excess as waste. So if you are suffering from any kind of kidney-related ailment, see your doctor before going on a low-carb diet.
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