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What Is Involved In A Lap Band Procedure?

8/17 10:18:03
If you've been trying to lose weight by yourself and nothing seems to work, or if you've been clinically diagnosed with a weight disorder, you may have done some research on various surgical procedures that will help you to lose weight. One of these of course is a lap band procedure. You may be somewhat confused as to what happens when, however. Before any type of procedure can take place, you will have to be screened to find out if you are in fact a candidate. Much like LASIK laser eye surgery, you will have a variety of tests done, such as blood tests and you will be in consultation with several experts to properly ascertain whether or not this is the right thing for you. Obviously, basically having the lap band procedure and then seeing no change is not some thing you want, so jumping into it without having suitable diligence seriously isn't advised.

That said, let's say you've met with the experts, got your pre-screening done and have been told that you are able to have the procedure, what is next? The notion behind the lap band procedure is always that a tiny section will probably be designed to aid while using level of food taken in as effectively as to maintain the digestion rate lower. You want to have weight loss that is permanent as well as devoid of such things as diet pills, or quick fixes that mess with your natural appetite. You are simply eating less and feeling full longer, without potential and harmful side effects. For me, I've never liked fad diets or chemicals that alter my body's physiology. With this however, you will be training your body but also your mind, getting more disciplined about the type and amount of food you eat. And, unlike pills, the treatment can be modified as you go by your doctor, with an increase or decrease of saline solution into the pouch.

With this however, it is natural to wonder what happens on the day of your surgery. The procedure itself is designed to last between 30 minutes to 1 hour and is done under general anesthesia. Naturally, you can opt out of the anesthesia, however as you will be getting incisions done that could be somewhat painful, this route is recommended. In any case, a small band is put in through an incision, which is typically 1cm in diameter. The band is then fitted around the upper part of the stomach, thus creating a small pouch which, as mentioned previously, can be inflated or deflated. The thing to keep in mind regarding the lap band procedure is that it's not a cure-all. You will still need to eat healthy and exercise properly.

Ultimately, a lap band procedure is fast, painless and can help you with your weight loss targets. And as stated before, it can be changed according to where you are in the treatment, thus allowing you to speed toward the results you want. And unlike other options, a lap band procedure does not involve stapling, involves a shorter hospital stay and is reversible.
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