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Bariatric Surgery, Diabetes and What Surgery to Choose

8/17 10:17:02
How many times have you wondered what surgery is right for you and what will make the largest difference with your type II diabetes? You're not the only one asking these questions. Bariatric Surgeons, Primary Care Physicians, OB/GYNs and Endocrinologists ask themselves the same questions, daily. It's only been recently that enough data has been collected to begin answering these questions.

So many variables exist with every patient. Not every patient seeking laparoscopic bariatric surgery has the same amount of weight to lose, nor the same amount or type of insulin or medication requirement for managing their current diabetes.

There's no set formula for choosing a particular surgery, yet data is beginning to show that consideration of risks and benefits lie heavily in the amount of weight loss needed to reach your optimal health.

Do you have a significant amount of weight to loose? Are you concerned with your continued high amounts of insulin or medication you're taking to manage your diabetes? Multiple studies are showing a direct correlation between the amount of weight-loss obtained post-surgery and the amount of actual reduction or resolution of type II diabetes. Two predictors of diabetes remission found within some of the most recent studies were, greatest weight loss and shortest history of diabetes.

It's easy to believe that Gastric Bypass is the best procedure for one with diabetes type II when research data shows an 84% resolution of the diabetes post-op, especially when compared to patients who have had Lap Band surgery with a resolution of only 69%. It's apparent that the greater the orlando bariatric and weight loss, the greater the resolution of type II diabetes. If this is truly the case, why isn't everyone getting Gastric Bypass?

Multiple factors need to be considered when choosing the actual type of bariatric surgery. How much weight do you really want or need to loose? What's your gender? How do you carry your weight? How many other conditions are you dealing with beyond your diabetes? Do you need to loose a large amount of weight in a short period of time? These are all questions that your bariatric surgeon and you will discuss.

One consistent outcome seen throughout multiple studies has been the significant reduction of diabetic medication use and need, post bariatric surgery. Within a 3 year period post surgery, most patients have all had a reduction in diabetic medication use by of 2/3, regardless of what procedure was performed. What does this mean to you and your physicians overseeing your care? Your immediate needs for optimizing your health are of utmost concern. The more drastic your need, the more drastic the measures required to reach your goals for health and ultimate safety.
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