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Acai Berry Cleanse Scam

8/17 10:16:31
The Acai Berry cleanse scam is one of numerous scams affecting the Acai Berry to hit the headlines recently. A great number of people have become a victim of this, and lost out in both money and time. By remaining vigilant and taking some simple precautions you are able to avoid becoming their next victim and purchase Acai berry products in confidence. The article 'Avoid Becoming a Victim of the Acai Berry Scam' provides additional information as well as useful tips.

One key thing to remember, when trying to avoid the unreputable suppliers who could perhaps be involved in the Acai Berry cleanse scam is: if the deal seems to good to be true, then it probably is. Just about the most consistent characteristic trait of Acai Berry scams is the promise of extensive benefits for little or no cost. The Acai Berry cleanse scam offered consumers a free trial of the product, for just the small fee of shipping. However when you look into the small print, it becomes apparent that by agreeing to the initial offer you were also signing up to repeat shipments of the product at full price, unless you contacted them to cancel inside a set period. What's more, the contact details provided by the company behind the Acai Berry cleanse in many cases are false resulting in the consumer being unable to get in touch with the business. This situation usually causes the customer much stress, anxiety and frustrating plus they are unable to reclaim the money that has been charged to their credit card or return the product.

Although in the past couple of months many of the companies behind this scam have been shut down, it doesn't mean that the industry is free from unreputable companies attempting to rip off the unsuspecting consumer, this is why you should be cautious. To start with it is very important to ensure that the company selling the Acai Berry is legitimate by doing research or contacting the business. Always read the contract details, and steer clear of any organization referring to recurring payments and or orders, unless you contact them to cancel. Furthermore, it is wise to avoid any offer providing you with a free trial period as more often than not these are also scams.

Consumers can further add piece of mind when wanting to avoid Acai Berry scams by utilizing independent review websites. Such sites provide non-partial reviews from past customers which allow new customers to make an informed decision before placing an order for the Acai Berry. It cannot be over-emphasised how important it really is to exercise caution and stay vigilant when choosing the business from which the consumer purchases the Acai Berry. Although the Acai Berry is a genuine health supplement with proven benefits, not every company that sells the berry is genuine. So when purchasing the Acai Berry remember the Acai Berry cleanse scam plus the various other Acai Berry scams and stay informed to make a smart decision.
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