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Selecting The Right Diet For Weight Loss If You Have Diabetes

8/17 10:16:23
Right and proper diet plays a very vital role in the health state of a person who suffers from diabetes. Type 1 people are inclined to be naturally thin, but most of the people with type 2 have been on more than one diet in the past. The problem arises when one tends to diet en control but as soon as one starts of with regular routine the weight comes back and usually in greater measure than what was lost in the first place. One has to make up mind and be very particular to loose weight slowly but steadily.

Many people around with disease actually give a try to follow fad and crash diets, but these diets can't be followed at regular time period so instead of giving better results these tend to not bring with better results. The same goes with surgery too, where there is removal of a large part of the small intestine is done where nutrients are absorbed, insertion of a balloon in the stomach to create a feeling of fullness in stomach, or gastric stapling is also done to decrease the size of the stomach, though these steps are taken en gives results too, but the results are not for the life time, these work 4r a period of few years and then ultimately fail and weight do tends to goes up back.

It is often seen that crash diets are ineffective and are considered extremely hazardous for diabetics, as they don't contain the required nutrients that are essential to make a diet a balanced diet. If you are on insulin or oral hyperglycemic, any nutritional imbalance can case severe hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

Regular exercise and less eating is the only key to lose weight. Although the details of the weight loss diet are quite complicated, they are vital for in the long run. Weight loss diet is not just a diet; it is actually the process of burning off more calories than their intake so as to utilize the stored calories to generate energy than to depend on the consumed calories.

Reducing calories is not that simple as it looks. Reducing calories slows down the metabolism (the rate at which calories are burn). To speed up the burning process regular exercise is required; hence before beginning your weight reduction program, make sure that you have included a physical activity in your program as well. It is not a one-way process; reducing calories and exercise both are vital.

Normal weight is a key to health for a diabetic. It is important for a person, especially a diabetic to maintain his or her weight in a normal range for following reasons:

- Diabetics with excess weight are more prone to the strain on respiratory system, cardiac system and vascular system that eventually cause cardiovascular pulmonary diseases.

- You can quit the intake of insulin or oral hypoglycemic agent. Losing sufficient amount of weight is good for a diabetic.

- In Type II diabetes, losing weight has a good impact on insulin intake. By losing weight without any medication has a drastic influence on body's blood glucose level.
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