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Overcoming The Factors Of Overeating

8/17 10:16:05
Obesity is Americas leading problems resulting from overeating. There are a great number of woman that are suffering from obesity and can't help but continue to overeat. What may be the reasons why people overeat? How can this be prevented? Is there any way to overcome overeating?

These questions may be coming back and forth into your minds and you just can't figure out what to do next. Before you will find the answer to overeating you need first to know the reason behind the phenomenon. Of course there are solutions to overeating and there are definitely ways to lose weight. To lose weight one must control ones eating habits. This is one factor why you gain pounds and pounds of weight because you eat more than what your body can consume. This is for sure one reason why people are obese.

How to overcome overeating is the question then that needs to be answered.

There are a lot of reasons of overeating; this includes biological and emotional reasons. Let's take it step by step for us to clearly understand. Let's take a look at the biological factors of overeating. Biological factor of overeating comes in when say you have been intensely exercising the whole morning and not getting enough calories; you only took something light, let's say just a cup of coffee. Skipping breakfast would mean doubling the meal you have lost on the following meal. So in other words skipping meals will not help weight loss, it will only worsen it.

To avoid overeating in every meal, take something light in between meals or instead of eating only 3 crazily heavy meals (which is what I was doing before) why not divide it into 6 light meals so you won't feel hungry and tend to overeat or best thing to do is to drink water to avoid hunger pangs. I am not an expert but I do that and worked for me. My idea of sharing this is to help you overcome overeating and join the weight loss success I am experiencing right now.

Now, let's take a look at the emotional factor of overeating. Stress or depression could sometimes lead to overeating. When people are physically or mentally stressed they tend to look for an outlet to relieve the stress and sometimes they find consolation in food. But there are actually a lot of ways to relieve stress? But the truth is when you overeat you are not relieving stress and it's the other way around.

What to do with that? Instead of running right into the fridge and grabbing a pound of cold burger, its best to take a few rest, sit back and relax, clear your minds. This is the real way to de-stress. Having a warm bath can also help relieve stress, or taking a nap, a whole body massage, lighting a candle, listening to your favorite music while relaxing, a lot of ways other than fattening.

Another emotional factor which is an issue for most women on a diet (which was also my issue before), the moment you keep yourself a slave of your own rule "Never eat anything sweet", would end up overeating it because they think they won't have it again. Does this sound familiar to you?

So instead, do not deprive yourself. Eat anything you want but moderately not too much as if you can't have another bite of it.
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