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Lose Weight Fast - 6 Easy Ways

8/17 10:16:02
There are weight loss diets, plans, pills, surgeries, drugs, programs, spas, patches, clinics and even weight loss teas. Store shelves are lined with weight loss products, from supplements to books and videos. The tips below will help you lose weight fast and make sure that you do it quickly and in a healthy manner.

1. There are many callisthenic exercises that challenge more than one muscle group and raise your heart rate. These exercises are things like burpees, lunges, or Hindu push-ups. If you enjoy a certain type of cardio exercise, get a couple of workout videos. This will allow you to train in your own home without a gym membership and still get the fun intensity of an exercise class.

2. The best way to take control of your food intake is to buy two simple items: a notebook and a pencil. Write down what you are eating. Log the calories you consume. This makes it easier to cut your caloric intake, without doing an extreme diet or cutting out any foods completely. If you want to make a change, cut out a spoonful of sugar in your coffee every morning, have one egg instead of two, buy bread with less calories and find out what foods you love with a low calorie count.

3. By adding a serving of fresh fruit or vegetables to each meal or snack, you can help yourself lose weight without really trying. Eat them first so that you make sure you get the recommended four to 8 servings daily. The fiber in fruits and vegetables fills you up and aids in digestion. Fruits and veggies are low in calories and provide essential nutrients that even fortified foods don't offer. Yes, it takes extra prep work to eat fresh foods, but the benefit is twofold as that extra work equals extra calories your body is burning and helps your weight loss.

4. Drink two - three litres of iced water a day.
Many hunger pangs are simply thirst pangs, so to keep you hydrated and full drink plenty of water. Water helps your body metabolize fat by helping the kidneys flush out waste. When you don't drink enough water the liver which works to provide stored fat for energy also takes on the role of helping the kidneys flush out waste and is then less effective at metabolizing fat.

5. Turn the time with your kids into exercise time for you and them by playing exercise-related games. If you don't have kids, buy a hoola hoop and practice using it while watching your favorite shows; a 180-pound woman can burn about 238 calories with low-impact aerobic activity in a half hour. You don't notice it's exercise if you're having fun. Go for walks, hikes or a bike ride when your family is all together instead of watching television--that alone can help you lose weight and keep your family fit.

6. Don't ignore any group. When eating remember to eat "naturally from the earth", the less processed the food is the better. What this means is eat healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice or potatoes, rather than pizza. With fat it's the same unstaturated rather than saturated fats. When consuming proteins make sure its lean protein.
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