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6 Free Weight Loss Tips

8/17 10:08:02
For most of us, losing weight is difficult. Maybe you have tried more than once and the weight is still there. You may have lost some weight, only to gain it back again. We all know that obesity is hazardous to health. Apart from causing embarrassment in public, it can make a person more prone to health diseases, specially disorders of the heart. There are several effective ways that helps in natural weight loss without causing any possible health hazards. Let us have a look at them in detail.

1. Learn to eat healthier foods. This is not that difficult as some make it out to be. Be sure to eat from all 5 food groups with emphasis on fruit and vegetables. Start reading labels and learn what is in the foods you are eating. Learn how to count calories. Each gram of carbohydrates and protein equals 4 calories each. A gram of fat equals 9 calories. Everything can be reduced to these 3 elements. None of them are found in water, celery and some other types of greens. Limit your intake of saturated fats and processed sugars and grains. Moderation is the key, no need to go to extremes.

2. Fast, junk and processed foods tops the list of foods to avoid when on a weight loss program. It is better to completely avoid fried and greasy foods for quick weight loss. Other foods that should be consumed in a lesser amount include butter, cheese, cream, margarine, fried chicken and meat, egg yellow, vegetable oil, fries, desserts, cakes and ice cream. It is also advisable to consume rice, potatoes, corn, etc., in limited quantities for quick weight loss.

3. Enjoy healthy eating by drinking a large glass of water to experience fullness (ex. 6 to 8 oz). Next, turn off the kitchen light and shut the door for the evening. Hint: take an extra piece of fruit into your bedroom along with a glass of water for possible thirst during the night.

4. Use a smaller plate when you eat. This helps control your portions. You can absolutely starve yourself and you will lose weight. But you won't look good and you'll be tired all the time. Eating less more frequently is a fast way to lose weight without being unhealthy. Using a smaller plate also tricks your mind into believing you're eating as much as you normally would. A sliced up apple and a handful of grapes will not fill a dinner plate.

5. Control your weight loss and late night snacking by keeping busy with your hands. For instance, read a book, play cards, or do a crossword puzzle. These actions allow you to focus your energy on a positive non-food area.

6. Drink lots and lots of water. Water helps you feel full before meals and helps flush out your system. Supplement your coffee, your soda, and any other drinks with water. Drink a glass or two before every meal and you will eat less during your meal.
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