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The 7 Easiest Ways To Lose Weight

8/17 10:07:59
Any successful weight loss plan, be it a quick weight loss plan or a not-so-quick weight loss plan, has 2 main principles: diet and exercise. Both are equally important and achieving a proper balance between the two is what will bring you optimum results. These aren't the quickest ways to lose weight, but they are the easiest and the best. That's because, unlike a diet, these are lifestyle change that will make you healthier. Once you start enjoying regular exercise and good food, chances are that you'll never want to go back.

1. Eating healthy doesn't mean depriving yourself from certain food groups. Focusing on what you eat as well as how much you eat also makes a big difference. You need not altogether eliminate munchies from your diet. Rather control their intake. For instance, balance a spoonful of your favorite ice-cream with a big bowl of fresh fruits.

2. Always keep a couple of apples, pears, oranges or sweet limes in your bag. Eat them whenever you are hungry or when you feel like snacking in the middle of the day. Fruits will make you full without the burden of extra calories.

3. Avoid juice and eat a piece of fruit instead. Juice sounds healthy and although it is more nutritional that soda, you can still take in alot of calories without even being aware. Fruit has bulk and fiber, which will help you feel full and satisfied. Drink water when you eat the fruit, and you will feel even more satisfied.

4. don't let yourself get hungry. Eat regular meals, so that you don't feel deprived. If you're like most of us, once you feel hungry you are more likely to eat whatever happens to be available, healthy or not. That's where the problems start. If you have regular, healthy meals and snacks, you won't be tempted by the junk food that's all too readily found in any corner store or vending machine.

5. While it is healthy to have a glass of fresh fruit juice at breakfast, try avoiding the urge to drink sodas, soft drinks and other caffeinated drinks through the rest of the day. Instead, drink plenty of water. This way you will not only cut down on those undesirable calories but also flush the unwanted toxins from your body.

6. Your breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day and your dinner should be the smallest. Considering breakfast, lunch, an evening snack and dinner as your 4 daily meals, it should represent an inverted pyramid, in terms of meal size and food proportions.

7. Plan your meals. If you plan your meals, you will be able to address problem areas in your day and work around them. For instance, if you are always STARVING in the evening when you get home from work, eat lower calorie but filling meals, such as salads, fruit and lean proteins earlier in the day, then plan for a "sturdier" meal and maybe even a dessert, in the evening, when you are more ravenous. If you plan for this, you can be certain that you take in calories appropriate for your needs. Planning will also help you deal with busy days, "snack attacks", and vacations more easily. By planning, you can always know you have what you need on hand, which will help you avoid the fast food lane or pizza delivery guy.
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