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Important Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

8/17 10:07:18
Belly fat, else known as abdominal adiposity or central obesity is a commonly seen condition caused by deposition of fatty cells around the middle region. If not cared, presence of excess belly fat can adversely affect your health and beauty. Hormonal imbalance during menopause condition, over consumption of fast foods, excessive intake of alcohol and high sugary diet are some of the main causes for the formation of stomach fat. If you wish to own a flat stomach enhancing your beauty, it is recommended to practice exclusive exercises to lose belly fat. Doing belly exercises is a best way to trim your waistline and firm up your abdomen. Now, let's see some of the best suggested exercises to lose belly fat and maintain your body fitness.

Abdominal crunch is one among the important exercises performed to lose belly fat in a short period of time. It is found to be very effective for reducing belly fat. Mastering abdominal crunch may be difficult at the beginning, but later you will find exercise easy and simple. Before starting the exercise, place your head facing ceiling with chin not in touch with chest. You have to start the exercise by lying down flat on floor. In the next step, bend your knees with feet touching firmly on the ground. Now inhale air and hold your breathe. Placing both your hands by the side of ears, start crunching up by touching the knees with your forehead. After touching knees, slowly exhale air and move down slowly to the initial position. Repeat the procedure five to six times in single set for good results. In order to increase effectiveness, it is recommended to push chest and head towards up and the lower back on to floor.

Leg lift exercise is a best suggested exercise to lose belly fat and trim your body. You can start doing leg lift exercise with beginner level and can then move on to advanced level. In the first step, make your body well relaxed and lie flat on the floor with your hands placed at the sides of the body. Keep your palms facing floor and start exercise by bending both knees pointing towards ceiling. Extend both your legs and make your heels in the upward direction. After extending to the maximum possible level, slowly come back to the original position by lowering your leg. Repeat this procedure for eliminating accumulation of fatty deposits and enhancing your body fitness. In the advanced level of leg lift exercise, you can perform the exercise by bending one leg at first and the other leg later. This procedure for advanced level need more muscle control and is not as easy as beginner's level.

Twisting of stomach is one of the easiest exercises to lose belly fat and to keep your body shape. It is recommended to practice this exercise early in the morning for assuring good results. Breathing and slowness in doing exercise play vital roles in outcomes. You can start this exercise by standing on a flat surface with legs kept closer as in attention position. Now, stretch both the hands in front direction with your eyes pointing at nails. In next step, move hands in the left hand direction up to maximum limit. Always make sure that your legs are placed sternly so that there is no inclination. After waiting for a few seconds, slowly come back to initial position and repeat the procedure in right hand direction. Regular doing of exercise maintain your body fitness and keep belly fat troubles within limits.
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