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Consumption of Oolong Tea for Weight Loss and Weight Management Issues

8/17 10:07:11
Oolong, which is referred as pinyin in traditional Chinese is a type of tea prepared via a unique process which includes the methods of withering, oxidation, fermentation, curling and twisting. The literal meaning of this holistically beneficial tea is - black dragon tea. Quite popular in mainland China, Japan and other parts of Asia, oolong tea provides many health benefits including the aid it provides in the fight against fats (weight loss).

There aren't many scientific studies accommodating oolong tea as compared to the well promoted green tea. Often termed as the not-so successful cousin of the green tea, it actually is a part of the holistic tea trio of: green tea, pu-erh tea and off course the oolong tea

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

On the basis of recent research studies, oolong tea helps in the process of losing weight rather indirectly, often triggering a series of positive reactions. Some of the major processes triggered by the intake of Wu-long tea (another name for oolong tea) include:

- Like many other fat burners, this tea increases the rate of metabolism.
- It also triggers a process called lipolysis which helps in burning of fat.
- Dietary fat absorption is a major hurdle in weight reduction. Oolong tea helps in blocking dietary based fat absorption.
- Oolong tea for weight loss also helps in the treatment of diabetes (type 2) to some extent.
- Oolong tea when consumed by people suffering from certain skin disorders like eczema has shown positive results.
- It also helps in reducing high cholesterol levels and chronic bodily conditions.
- This consumption also helps in getting rid of free radicals which are harmful to our body.
- In addition, the tea (natural polyphenols in it) is a form of stress buster.

On the whole, oolong tea is an excellent mode of blocking fats from piling up, a slow but one of the better methods.

In the fight against fats, it is often summarized that it is easy to lose weight but very difficult to sustain such a desired situation. This is where oolong tea steps in; unlike other fat burning capsules which may or may not result in weight loss, oolong tea helps in the next important fight - avoiding fats from piling on. Oolong tea used for weight loss accommodates a polyphenol compound which controls the fat metabolism

Though 'oolong tea for weight loss' phenomenon acts like a natural fat burning method over a long time, however fat burning is more dependent on other factors as follows:

- A healthy and balanced diet
- Modification in the lifestyle towards a healthy lifestyle
- Regular exercise work out

Consumption of a healthy and natural beverage (read fat burning teas) acts as a part, not in entirety during weight loss methods.

There are different varieties of oolong teas and these are processed differently as well, like wuyi rock tea, read robe, iron monk, white comb, cassia etc. Lastly, oolong tea comes in many flavors, just in case you need one more reason to start its usage.
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