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A Guide to Healthy Weight Loss

8/17 10:06:31
With so much focus on body image, healthy weight loss has become a major point of interest for most overweight people. Unfortunately a spate of unhealthy fad diets is doing the rounds and many people are in fact doing more damage to their bodies than they realize.

Some of these diets cut out major food groups, such as carbohydrates or sugars and natural fats. Other diets put so much strain on the heart and other vital organs that people actually end up ill since their bodies aren't receiving the necessary nutrients they need in order to function normally.

Finding a healthy weight loss program that is suited to your individual needs and requirements is the best option to enable you to lose weight safely without risking your health.

Along with following a balanced diet, exercise and sleep are major contributing factors. Scientists have proven that lack of sleep increases one's urge to eat. Eight hours of sleep is what is generally recommended to ensure optimal functionality during the day.

It is also very important to start each day with a decent breakfast. It is proven to kick-start your metabolism for the day, which in turn lets you burn more calories.

By adjusting the foods you eat, you can make a significant difference to the amount of calories you take in. Substitute white flour products with whole grain products. You will feel full for longer and the fibers are much healthier for your digestive tract.

Also, rather opt for low-fat and fat-free products where possible. Dairy and meat are prime examples of food types where low-fat versions are encouraged, not only for weight loss values, but also for health reasons.

Eat smaller portions. This way you can always get another helping if you really feel hungry, however, one can always have a piece of fruit a little later if you are. It's much better to rather have five or six smaller portions throughout the day than the more traditional three large portions.

Thirst often disguises itself as hunger. When you start to feel hungry, pour yourself a glass of water or make a cup of tea or coffee. In many instances you'll find that your hunger goes away once you've had a drink as you were never actually hungry to begin with.

Just follow these easy pointers and you'll find that healthy weight loss is in fact easier than you thought. So don't just loose weight, do healthy weight loss.
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