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The Most Common Questions And Answers About Hoodia Gordonii

8/19 11:04:13

Hoodia Gordonii products are created from an extract of a cactus plant found in South Africa. It has had a lot of publicity worldwide both on 60 Minutes and other current affair programs. This article will discuss the most common questions and answers about Hoodia Gordonii products.

The bushmen of the Kalahari desert have known about the appetite suppressing properties of the cactus for hundreds of years. In fact, they themselves have regularly consumed it to avoid hunger and thirst pains on long hunting trips.

Detailed research was conducted by the CSIR about its weight loss capabilities and did a test of the product on rats. It's hard to believe but apparently the rats lost interest in eating.

As a result there has also been a frenzy for products from this plant. Unfortunately this has also brought about a lot of fake imitations that manufacturers are trying to surprise unsuspecting overweight people with in the hope of making a fast buck.

Even though Phytopharm holds the licence it only holds the right to the P57 molecule. However, that does not mean that the whole Hoodia Gordonii plant can't be cultivated in some way.

With such a huge number of these weight loss products available for consumers it is critical that men and women that consumers don't fall for useless imitations and that they only buy Hoodia Gordonii and other products from a reputable retailer.

Not all of these products are created work. Check out the website below for my shocking review of Hoodia Gordonii and other weight loss products.

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