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Control Dieting Weight - Still Eat Your Favorite Foods

8/19 11:04:10

Sometimes when we are trying to lose weight, we tend to make the whole process out to be worse than it really needs to be. A lot of this has to do with the negative stereotypes that people have placed on the concept of a diet.

For example, you will often hear people describe dieting as “a struggle” or that it is “tough”. Even the famous cartoon fat cat, Garfield, describes DIET is “Die” with a “T”.

The truth is that losing weight doesn’t have to be a difficult process. What it really all boils down to is organization and creating a schedule of eating the same thing everyday. The keyword here is “planning” and the best part is that when you apply a schedule and plan to eat the same thing everyday, you can eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.

Our weight often fluctuates, increasing and decreasing, because we eat so many different foods at different times of the day. This unorganized way of eating can cause an imbalance and as a result, we fall into this trap of yo-yo dieting.

So by following the procedure below, you can easily see that through just some simple planning, you can lose weight and still eat your favorite foods.

To begin, follow these initial steps.

1. Get out a piece of paper and a pen.
2. Write down all the foods that you love to eat and title this your “Favorite Foods List”.
3. Then write down next to those foods how many calories each of those foods contains.
4. Assign those foods to the three meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
5. Make sure that the calories of you schedule is lower than your daily calorie maintenance level.

Let’s look at an example of my “Favorite Foods List” and their calories.

Snickers Bar = 350
Dr. Pepper = 150
Large Burrito w/sour cream = 700
Fruit Loops Cereal w/milk = 400
Cheeseburger = 500

Now, let’s look at how I have assigned those foods to my three meals of the day.

Fruit Loops Cereal w/milk = 400

Cheeseburger = 500
Dr. Pepper = 150

Large Burrito w/sour cream = 700
Dr. Pepper = 150

Snickers Bar = 350

As you can see from my schedule, if you total all the calories, this comes out to 2,250 calories for the total amount of calories that I will have consumed during the entire day.

I have already predetermined that my daily allowance of calories to stay at the same weight is 2500 calories. This is called my “daily calorie maintenance level” and it means that if regardless of what foods I eat, if I consume 2500 calories, I will neither gain, nor lose weight. I will stay at the same exact weight.

So you can see that when applying my eating schedule from above in comparison to my daily calorie maintenance level, I am consuming 250 calories less. The result of this is that I will, in effect, lose weight over an extended period of time.

If my daily calorie maintenance level is 1800 calories, then I could easily remove the Snickers Bar as my snack and replace the Dr. Pepper with Diet Dr. Pepper. This would then reduce my daily calorie intake to 1600 calories each day and I would be 200 calories under my daily maintenance calorie level allowing me to still lose weight.

Now you can see that losing weight doesn’t have to be so difficult. It’s really all about assigning a schedule to your day based on the calories of your favorite foods. By simply adjusting the portion size of your favorite foods, assigning them to the three meals of the day, and then following that schedule everyday, you are well on your way to losing the extra weight.

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