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Why You Will Never Lose Weight

8/19 11:04:04

Tired of being fat? Are you truly tired of being fat? Are you so fed up with your body and unhealthy eating habits that you're at the point where you're ready to make a change?

Yes you say, answering yes is the easy part, are you ready for the hard part?

Losing weight is not easy as I'm sure you all to well know.

It's hard, it's a fight, it's a constant battle each and everyday to stick to the goals you've set out for yourself.

Now though it may be hard there are programs that will make it easier to lose weight but never will it be just easy because self-discipline is something only you can force yourself to have everyday with any plan you choose. Many people say oh well I tried this and that program doesn't work, but can you truly say in your heart that you worked that program?

Don't give yourself excuses for failure instead always give yourself reasons to change. Realizing that having a whole pack of cookies is not worth it, a large bag of chips is not worth it, eating whatever you want when you want it is not worth it in comparison to the effect that it's having on your health, your body, your family, and their and your future.

Will you ever change or will each day, month, year just continue to catch you in a lie? You must change.

Though it may be hard at first when starting a steady workout regime and starting to choose the right kind of foods it will get easier never easy. Life is too short don't make it shorter. You can do it, it is possible.

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Toni Lewis

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