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Steps To Successful Weight Loss

8/19 11:04:03

The first step to losing weight and keeping it off forever is to set a goal.

This step is one of the hardest steps, not the easiest. If setting a goal were so simple everyone would be doing it.

Of course you make think that people make goals all the time. Sure they do. But they don't accomplish them. For those who do accomplish their goals, well, we consider them successful.

The secret to setting a goal is not simply to arrive at or state a particular thing that we wish to achieve. In other words, coming up with our ideal weight is not enough.

The secret to establishing a goal is commitment. That is, a single, concentrated and focused effort to achieve a desired outcome. A personal vow that is backed up by all the strength of your being. A dedicate effort that refuses to fail.

Easier said than done. The truth is that we have all done it at one time or another. At some point in your life you made up your mind that you were going to accomplish something. You made a focused effort, took action and probably made some sacrifices.

But, the point is, you did it.

Now, all you have to do is focus. Find that inner strength. Make up your mind. Take action.

You should, practically speaking, choose an ideal weight. Experience will probably be some indication.

If, however, you are obese or under medical supervision, consult your physician first.

This is perhaps this most difficult step and possibly the second most important one.

Another step that you should implement is changing your diet.

Theses steps are about life-style changes, not dieting. So, just to be clear, changing your diet is not the same as dieting. You diet to lose weight. You change your diet to transform yourself.

There are two steps to changing your diet.

The first is to eliminate the foods that aren't so good for you. These include processed food, junk food, artificial sweeteners and prepared foods.

The second is to change your diet to foods that are benefial for you. These include whole grains, vegetables and fruit.

Ideally, your meals should be cooked from scratch. I know, I know, a big pain in the neck. But the benefits are overwhelming. Losing weight is just the beginning. Whole, natural foods cooked from scratch leads to better health, calmer nerves and peace of mind. Believe it or not, children thrive and behave better.

Anyway, this is something to seriously consider. Simply ask yourself, "What are my priorities?" When you answer that then perhaps this step won't be so difficult.

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Kathryn Soloff is the mother of 8 children and a natural foods cook for over 30 years. She is co-publisher of http://www.natural-remedy-dot-com.com/fatburnerreviews/natural_food_fat_burners.html where she provides additional advice, tips and hard to find information on Weight Loss.

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