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4 Reasons Why Diets Are Stupid Ladies!

8/19 11:04:00

When it comes to dieting, I like so many other men/women have quickly packed on the pounds after graduating from school.

Here are 4 things that will hopefully steer you away from starvation type diets.

1. You will become obsessed about food Crash diets normally puts your body into a shock state which is horrifying of the human physique. If you go on a diet where you can't eat certain foods which you normally love, chances are pretty good you are going to start to obsess about the food and crave it heavily. You will become irritated far beyond anything you ever experienced with PMS.

2. Diets influence your hormone levels When your body becomes stressed, the hormone Cortisol get's increased. Your body does this when you decide to deprive your body of calories. Now here is the ironic part. With the increase in stress levels your drive to eat sugars and fatty foods also increase! Stressed out people normally have lower belly fat. The reason for this is because the excessive cortisol increases your chances of accumulating fat in your abdomen. Also...with increased fat comes increased health risks.

3. Diets completely freak out your metabolism When cutting calories from your normal diet you will automatically slow your metabolism by as much as 12%. Not only does your metabolism gets smacked on the head, your immune system also takes a beating. Diets can weaken your natural white blood cells, which help your body fight off viruses as well as cancer.

4. Diets play with your mind When you diet, you purposefully mess with your own mind. Your mind will become heavily confused. You will lose touch with your bodies normal/natural hunger signals and your body loses it's organic clock completely. The thing is...your body normally knew when it was going to get food, since it normally told you. If you are on a diet, your body keeps moaning for food, but doesn't get it.

Here is a few tips IF you decide to diet (which I don't recommend...there are far safer ways)

  • When you decide to eat one of your favorite meals at a restaurant for example, make sure you eat something before your main meal.
  • A good idea will be to eat some high fiber bread or even a bowl of soup. This will fill your stomach and you won't be AS excited about your favorite meal.
  • Eat slower - your stomach takes about 15 - 20 minutes to realize it's full. If you rush your food you might over eat too much. Eat slow and you will reap the benefits.
  • One of the biggest problems have with dieting is variety. People who diet soon get bored due to all the boring foods such as celery and cucumbers. A really smart thing to do is add color and variety to your diet by eating more fruit and adding more varieties of vegetables to your plate.

For most people dieting is very dangerous... Exercising and eating correctly still is the best way to lose weight, but for most of us, our metabolisms failed us long ago and it will take months upon months to lose the extra pounds.

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Regards, Ryan

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