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Taking Care Of Your Feet As Part Of Weight Management

8/19 11:03:43

In fact, all women should do it, not just those with weight management problems. Well. In fact, a lot of women do. Anyway, here goes.

Your body is your most precious material possession. It is also the most beautiful thing you'll ever have. (Yeah, yeah - I don't care what you think at this point; it is beautiful; I'm a man - take my word for it, gal). You shouldn't neglect it, abuse it, hate it, etc (even though hate and love are cousins, aren't they?) You should pamper it. You should learn to love it, not just feel sorry for it.

Taking care of your body as part of weight management begins with the feet. Your feet contain more erogenous zones than the rest of your body. Your feet and legs are stunningly pretty. And they're suffering - from all those extra pounds weighing on them, and, as a result - muscles strengthening in all the wrong places, ligaments doing more work than they should, etc. Have a heart. Give your feet and legs a break.

Visit a salon. Have a pedicure done. Give your feet a foot bath now and then. Mind what kind of shoes you wear. Only wear high heels if you're going to the opera or some such place, and only if door-to-door car service is part of the plan; also, you can wear heels in the bedroom if your husband, or boyfriend, is into that kind of thing. Walking is an important part of weight management - get yourself a few pair of good walking shoes, flats or sneakers. Do not settle for anything cheap. Remember - your feet (and legs) are a very important part of your body. How important? Crucially. If you don't believe me, read some classical poetry and see how many lines are dedicated to women's feet.

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