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Losing Weight After Delivery - Let it Not Be an Ordeal

8/19 11:03:29

Losing weight after delivery can be a real pain. Between taking care of baby, trying to take care of the house, getting back to work, etc., well, it's hard to find the time and energy to worry about your waist line, never mind hitting the gym.

Many women get so frustrated with not losing weight after delivery, that they try things like crash diets. Crash diets are not a good idea at these times when you are stressed, not getting enough sleep, and adjusting to a new baby. In fact they are a good way to make yourself sick.

So if you can't manage the time or energy to hit the gym, and can't try a crash diet, what can you do?

Losing weight after delivery is possible, and in fact at least part of it is easy. About half of the extra weight you put on during pregnancy will come off practically on it's own in the first three months. After that weight is gone, you'll be left with the other half, and losing that weight is a lot harder.

Part of the problem is that our bodies remember when we needed to worry about food shortages and famines, and as long as there is food around, they are going to hang onto that cushion, just in case the food runs out, and you and baby need to live off that fat reserve for a while.

Of course, that makes losing weight after delivery a bit of a problem, because losing weight after delivery is the exact opposite of what your body is programmed for. Luckily, there is a solution.

There are ways to convince your body to start losing weight after delivery, and while figuring the tricks out yourself is extremely hit or miss, you don't need to do all the work yourself. If fact, everything you need to know about losing weight after delivery is available right now, if you know where to look. Women, mothers like you, who are personal trainers, or nutritionists, have used their expertise to put together the information you need to beat your bodies programming.

Surprisingly, diets, gym time and everything we normally think of to lose weight is exactly the wrong way to go about losing weight after pregnancy. The right way is eating enough, eating healthy, and getting little bursts of exercise throughout the day.

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