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12 Eating Tips to Reduce Weight Naturally

8/19 11:03:26

Did you know that your diet or nutrition plan plays about an 80% factor in weight loss?  And did you know that by making slight changes in our eating habits that will help achieve natural weight loss?  Twelve eating tips to help reduce weight naturally have been compiled below.  Even without changing anything else, applying these simple variations to your normal daily nutrition routine will help you to lose weight.

1. Limit Toppings - In many cases, it's not that the food we eat is bad for us; it's that we drown our food with fattening or unhealthy toppings.  Consider this old time favorite as an example.  How many times have we been offered or asked for a baked potato, loaded. Instead of including the butter, sour cream, and bacon bits, just add one topping to cut down on calories and help reduce weight naturally.
2. Order dressings on the side - By ordering dressings on the side, you can limit your calories because you get to choose what will go on your salad and exactly how much.
3. Measure your portions - This is one of the biggest factors in weight loss.  If you measure your food portions, you'll be able to tell if you are getting an appropriate serving size or, as in the majority of cases, going way over what a typical serving size should be.
4. Try light or no fat versions - There are many varieties of low fat or non-fat foods that taste great and are much healthier for you as well as containing fewer calories.
5. Compare food labels - Not all foods are the same.  Check food labels for differences in caloric content per serving as well as the amount of fat, sodium, protein, and carbohydrates each product contains.
6. Learn to enjoy the natural taste of food - With the advent of butter, salt, salad dressing, steak sauce, etc., we've come to enjoy the taste of the food dressings.  Give the dressings a break and give yourself the opportunity to appreciate the natural taste of the food itself.  A great tasting piece of juicy, sweet, corn on the cob taste absolutely delicious...without the butter and salt.
7. Test food before adding salt - A common practice for sodium addicts is to automatically add salt to our food even before taking the first bite. 
Try tasting your food first before adding the salt, keeping in mind that cutting back on your salt intake is a healthy route to follow.
8. Drink water to satisfy cravings - Many times we have insatiable cravings.  However in many of those cases, the craving can be quelled by simply drinking a glass of water. 
9. Change the way you cook your food or order healthier cooked meals - Eating fried foods on a continual basis is part of an unhealthy, high calorie diet.  Change how the meals you consume are prepared regardless of whether you are eating in or dining out.  For example, cook or order grilled chicken over baked chicken or baked chicken over fried chicken.
10. Trim the fat off of your steak - The main course of your meals are healthiest in their leanest state.  To keep them the healthiest possible, trim off extra fat around the edges, remove the skin from chicken before cooking it and choose hamburger meat made from ground chuck.  You can also have great tasting lean hamburgers made from turkey, buffalo, ostrich, etc.
11. Give yourself a splurge day so long as it doesn't lead to splurge days - Eating healthy doesn't mean deprivation of all of the foods you love.  Allowing for one splurge day once a week or couple of weeks gives you a chance to enjoy some of your favorite foods and not feel like you're missing out or worse yet, cheating. 
One key here is to remember the concept of eating in moderation.
12. Avoid processed foods - Processed foods contain a substantially higher amount of sodium and other less healthy ingredients than their natural counter parts.  
Utilize these twelve eating tips to reduce weight naturally.  It isn't necessary to apply all of the tips as some won't work for you based on your food tastes, likes and dislikes.  However, implement some of these eating tips and you'll find yourself on the path of self discovery by reducing weight naturally and finding a new slimmer trimmer and healthier you.

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