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Some Lesser Known Fat Loss Advice

8/19 11:03:10

Need a little fat loss advice? Hey, who doesn't? We would all like to increase our fat loss potential and every little bit of advice counts. Sometimes, the advice is obscure and a little odd but it does help. No, this is not an inference to weird secrets that will melt fat away while you sleep. Instead, it is simply a means of pointing out some valuable little nuggets of information that can make fat loss more possible. So, here is some lesser known fat loss advice that might prove helpful.

Getting Sunlight

No, you can not burn calories getting a tan but the positive effects of the sun include enhancing metabolism. So, spending some time in the sun would prove helpful if you are dieting. As far as fat loss advice goes, it is a minor help for those looking for a little extra boost in their dieting venture.

Walking After Meals

Here is some important fat loss advice: immediately after you eat a meal it would be wise to take a 20 minute walk. This way, you will burn off a few calories and get your metabolism slightly revved up. No, walking for a short while after eating will not get you ripped to shreds but it will aid in eradicating unnecessary and unwanted fat by boosting your metabolism in a minor fashion. Yes, sometimes even minor aspects deliver major results.

Fish Oil

Taking fish oil supplements are a major help in losing weight. These supplements can be taken by the spoonful or in capsule form. The purpose of these supplements is to provide the body with Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These acids are critical for boosting metabolism. Again, they are not miracle pills but they provide proper supplementation for the body's ability to perform requisite functions.

Don't Drink Calories

Here is some critical fat loss advice: don't ingest calories in liquid form. Sure, that glass of orange juice looks healthy but it is probably 200 calories. Plus, when you drink it you will be ingesting the same number of calories as an order of French fries but WITHOUT ingesting solid foods. That means it will do nothing to curb your hunger. This is a critical point because drinking calories will often lead to significant weight gain. That is why it is critical to stick with no calorie liquids such as water, diet soda, unsweetened ice tea, etc. Believe it or not, this approach will work wonders.

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