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Tri-Active Laser Cellulite Therapy

8/19 11:02:44

How many products promise to not only treat cellulite, but to cure it as well? It has been proven that there is no actual cure for cellulite, but there is an FDA approved cellulite therapy to help improve the appearance of this age old affliction. Tri-Active is a laser treatment designed to penetrate the layer of the skin to reach trouble areas underneath. The Tri-Active laser system uses class 1 laser diodes to get deep down under the layers of fatty pockets that are causing the layers of uneven tissue. The contact cooling system helps hydrate the skin and the rhythmic suction massage helps rejuvenate and increase circulation in the skin. All of these combined systems of cellulite therapy contribute to the disappearance of dimpled skin.

What to Expect

The Tri-Active laser system of cellulite therapy was designed to treat different areas on the body. Every surface, from your midriff, to your face and neck, to your bottom and thighs can be treated with this very advanced cellulite therapy treatment. There is a uniquely designed hand piece specifically designed for use on the face and neck. These treatments will help to rid your facial area of unwanted skin cells and wrinkles. Your face will acquire a glowing, smooth appearance. There are no known side effects with this cellulite therapy treatment, and the appearance of cellulite drops dramatically with each use of the laser. Treatments are recommended at least once a month to maintain optimum results and to keep the smooth, more toned appearance of your body.

Most patients reported having significant improvement in their skin within the first few treatments of this new cellulite therapy. Their skin had tightened up, and the texture felt firmer. The dimples in the legs and thighs had been dramatically reduced and were no longer noticeable to the naked eye. The softer, smoother feel of their skin was a great joy to all of the patients who wanted to show off their brand new skin. Patients were very relaxed during the session, and noticed a difference from their very first treatment.


The cost of the Tri-Active cellulite therapy is very reasonable for such an innovative technology. One session of Tri-Active laser therapy will cost you $150.00 dollars. Packages are also offered to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Ten treatments will cost you $1250.00 and fifteen treatments will cost you $1800.00. This may sound like a lot, but to many women battling cellulite, the results are worth it. To look in the mirror and not find ‘cottage cheese’ on your thighs is worth a million dollars.

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