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Stomach Cellulite: Common Causes and Possible Solutions

8/19 11:02:42

Cellulite is a particularly problematic condition that takes the form of fat lumpy bulges that don’t ever seem to go away despite your best efforts to get rid of them through performing exercises and even taking certain diets. Often, women even notice this cellulite to take the form of a dimpled look much like that of an orange peel, and were it not for the fact that this is a very common condition, there would not be so much to be concerned regarding the cellulite problem.

Digestive Disorders Are A Probable Cause

Though cellulite can occur on several different places on the body, it is also noticed in the stomach region and not just in the thighs as well as buttocks, where it is most often found since those areas have a lot of accumulated fat there. Stomach cellulite, especially when it concerns the lower portion of the stomach are believed to be closely associated with digestive disorders, for it is common among many women with stomach cellulite to also suffer from constipation, irritable bowel and even liver disorders.

However, the causes of stomach cellulite are many and can include genetics, female hormones, pregnancy, stress and a sedentary lifestyle as well as smoking and even liposuction and pelvic surgery. In fact, a not so common cause for developing stomach cellulite is harsh massaging that can lead to damaging the fragile lymphatic vessel network and thus trigger off cellulite that may then affect the stomach.

Yet another cause for stomach cellulite is obesity, and even though thin people can also be affected by cellulite in their stomachs, if you happen to be obese the likelihood of stomach cellulite developing in your body is greater, because the unwanted and extra fat in your body will push the cellulite in the body, and more particularly, the stomach.

However, the most common cause of stomach cellulite is weak digestion that can in turn be caused by a poor diet, and if your body cannot digest food easily, it will not be able to burn calories, reduce sugar and also fat and proteins, which will then cause the production of enzymes and digestive acids, excessive appetite as well as many other disorders that will only weaken the body further leading to undigested foods and nutrients.

In order to minimize the chances of developing stomach cellulite, you will need to heat up your food before consumption, and at the same time reduce raw food consumption as well as salads, tropical and also citrus fruits and milk and yoghurt as too cottage cheese. And, to treat cellulite in the most effective manner possible, it is necessary that you are able to burn it and even melt it in the stomach.

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