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Who Can Invent the Best Cellulite Treatment

8/19 11:02:38

Reality shows have become a staple of modern television culture and you can not turn the channel without seeing a reality show of some sort. It might be a game show, a show about a famous family, how to survive on a deserted island or how to prepare the best chocolate cake. A new concept has been developed in the world of reality television. The medical community is taking impossible medical issues to the public to see if average people can come up with solutions to the problems that world class doctors can not solve. The first medical issue being addressed is cellulite. Who can invent the best cellulite treatment that actually works in the long term. Treating cellulite in the long term has been an elusive concept for medical professionals because most of them believe cellulite is hereditary and can not be prevented or treated successfully. For sixteen weeks, six groups of four average people will be followed around by cameras filming their every move and every conversation to see who can come up with the best long term cellulite treatment.

The Rules

As with any contest there are rules to finding the best long term cellulite treatment. Everyone in the group must be a “regular” person; doctors are not allowed. Everyone has exactly sixteen weeks and they can work around the clock if they want to. The only people that can be consulted are the people in your own group; no outside help is allowed. Any research tools may be used; books, computer, medical journals. The participants must not only invent the best long term cellulite treatment, but they must prove that it works in the short term as well. They must do trials on actual people to have proof that their invention is the best cellulite treatment.

The Prize

At the end of the sixteen weeks each group’s invention will be evaluated and all research and test results will be authenticated. The members of the winning group will receive one million dollars each, as well as, a Nobel Prize for their medical breakthrough. Each group will have a statue erected in their honor and if their invention of the best long term cellulite treatment proves to actually work in the long term, they will receive an additional five hundred thousand dollars a year for the rest of their lives. These are a lot of good incentives and this new reality television show has a pretty good chance of being a huge success.

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