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Herbs for Cellulite: Its Just Not Natural

8/19 11:02:35

Cellulite isn't the most attractive portions of our anatomy, but it also isn't the most dangerous. Cellulite is, incredibly, perfectly normal, for men and women. Cellulite is not a sign that you are incredibly overweight or lazy. Women especially will develop cellulite and be their ideal body weight – or even a little underweight. However, our culture hates cellulite and sells a lot of products to get rid of it – including herbs for cellulite.

Natural Is Not Always Good

Although the recent resurge in natural healing therapies has greatly helped those with many health conditions, cellulite is not one of them. Despite whatever you hear, there are no magic herbs for cellulite. Yes, there are some controversial treatments in Europe being done that involves massive doses of herbs for cellulite. But nothing has been clinically proven to get rid of cellulite


But not everything natural is good for you. Remember, poison ivy is a perfectly natural substance. However, you really don’t want to use poison ivy medicinally in any way, shape or form. Before you take any herbs for any medical condition, such as herbs for cellulite, you need to talk to your doctor and your pharmacist. There are herbs that react badly to prescription medications.

Don’t Read If You Are Scared Of Needles

In those controversial European treatments, the method of administering the herbs for cellulite is far worse than having the cellulite. You have to get the herbs for cellulite injected into you around 60 times a day. Usually, there are not just herbs in these shots, but hormones, antibiotics and nutrients. The shots tend to be painful both to your body and your wallet.

Although these herbs for cellulite are available in America by some cosmetic surgery and anti-aging clinics, they are not in any way recommended by the FDA, and most likely not ever recommended by a sensible doctor. No health insurance company will reimburse you for any of these costly treatments.

Herbs for cellulite by injection are technically called mesotherapy, which was developed in France in the 1950's. Even alternative healers remain skeptical about any lasting benefits to mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is used for other medical conditions, such as for weight loss, but is best known for expensive cellulite treatments.

If you decide to blow a fortune anyway, make sure you get an allergy test before you get your first mesotherapy injection. You don’t want to be allergic to the herbs for cellulite.

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