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Cellulite Therapy is Easy and Has a Very High Success Rate

8/19 11:02:23

It is devastating to find that you suffer from cellulite and the only thing to help you is the anti-cellulite cream, which many would have some serious reservations against. Unfortunately, there is very little that you could do when you find that you have cellulite. Hence, the best advice or best cellulite therapy would be prevention.

Prevention as the Best Cellulite Therapy

Once you get it, cellulite is one of the most dreaded health (read aging) problems. So what do you do? The best option would be to prevent this from happening altogether; there is a reverse cellulite therapy which can work wonders for every one. All you need to do is to use the following tips as guidelines and these in turn would see that the no cellulite really works for you.

Avoid all possible health abusing substances – coffee, tea, alcohol and smoking. All these are poison for you as these create an alarming amount of free radicals and toxins in the body which systematically destroy your skin.

Cellulite is basically fat even though it manifests itself in different ways – do not promote the formation of fat in any way at all. Ensure your diet has plenty of fresh vegetables included in it. Reduce as much as possible the intake of red meat and the like. This is not to advise you to become a vegetarian; rather you should try to eat in moderation and focus your attention on the best foods your body needs.

When Prevention Fails

Here is a very simple and yet highly effective cellulite therapy - take ground coffee powder from a used cup of coffee and when they are semi-dried, add a few drops of oil and then massage the parts where cellulite has surfaced. This is a really wonderful experience – and you would be stunned by the results.

Mesotherapy is also a wonderful cellulite therapy that has a high success rate. Mesotherapy is a surgical process by which the areas are injected with a homeopathic medicine particularly in the places where there is the highest concentration of cellulite. These injections help in the breaking down of fat cells which are then eliminated by the body in the normal way.

Endermology is a term used for massaging (the skin). The skin where the cellulite gets concentrated should be run through vigorous massaging and exercising by which the fat that is located under the skin becomes loose and then transported to the liver and kidney for disposal.

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