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Is There Such a Thing as a Diet to Rid Cellulite?

8/19 11:02:10

There is no such treatment or diet to rid cellulite from your body once and for all. If there was, people would party in the streets. There probably even would be an international holiday based on the treatment's discovery. But, you certainly can reduce the appearance of your cellulite and even prevent more from forming. That's certainly better than nothing. And, the advantage of a diet to rid some cellulite is that it helps all other areas of your body, too.

Water, Water Everywhere

Cellulite will look a lot more pronounced when your skin is wrinkled or partially dehydrated. If you can plump up your skin without adding to your fat, then you can help make your cellulite look flatter and not so three dimensional. You need to drink plenty of water – NOT soda, not energy drinks and definitely not alcoholic beverages. They can not only give you empty calories, but will dehydrate you. Herbal teas can also help add variety to your diet to rid cellulite appearance.

Less Fat, More Fiber

If you have heart of heart-healthy diets and diets for diabetics, then you have also heard of a diet to rid cellulite appearance. Fortunately, these diets also benefit your heart, blood pressure and cholesterol. You need to eat less meat, less fried foods, less really fatty foods and more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fiber not only helps you be regular, but it also helps give you the feeling of being full.

In Hot Water

There are some conflicting notions as to what herbal teas or hot drinks make the best detoxifying teas in a diet to rid cellulite appearance. Fennel tea is often prescribed to help you loose weight and to promote better digestion. Some people prefer mint tea, although that's mostly due to personal taste. It's certainly better to drink herbal tea than a sugary carbonated soft drink.

And then some people think it's the hot water that helps in the diet to rid cellulite appearance, not what herbs you actually use in it. Some people like to have a hot cup of water with lemon juice and skip any teas altogether. This is definitely an invigorating drink and does soothe the innards, if nothing else.


To get the maximum benefits from your diet to rid cellulite appearance, you need to also exercise regularly, quit smoking and find ways of managing your stress. Massaging your cellulite-prone areas can also help to lessen cellulite appearance.

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