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Cellulite Treatments: Dont Believe the Hype

8/19 11:01:47

Okay, everybody, repeat after me, "Cellulite is normal. I do not have a cellulite problem." Now, if you are a man and have cellulite, then ignore the previous sentence and go directly to your doctor. Cellulite in men is usually a sign of major problems with your reproductive organs. But if you are a woman (and I have a feeling you are) and think that cellulite treatments are a must, smack yourself in the head. Don’t fall for the cellulite treatment marketing hype.

Facts And Figures

Almost every woman past the age of thirteen on this planet will have cellulite to some degree or another. The only time a woman naturally does not have cellulite is when she is literally starving to death. Having cellulite does not mean you are overweight. Having cellulite does not make you a bad person.

Cellulite treatments should only be seriously considered if showing your legs off is part of your job. A swimsuit model, for example, will soon need to find another job if she doesn't have some kind of cellulite treatment. Even in the entertainment world, photos can often be altered to remove or cover up any cellulite the model, actress or entertainer does have.

There is so much about cellulite that we don’t know. They are kind of like tonsils. Remember about twenty years ago when every kid in America caught a bad cold, they had their tonsils out? Tonsils were thought to be absolutely useless. Now we know better. Tonsils are actually important for the upkeep of a person's immune system. I still have my tonsils, but my older brother had his out. Guess which one of us has to go to the hospital at least once a year?

Cellulite could work the same way. We just don’t know. We don’t know what causes it, although we do know what makes some women get more cellulite than others. If you smoke, drink, don’t exercise and can barely fit through a doorway, you will more cellulite than you should. All the cellulite treatments in the work can't help someone in really bad health.

But What If You Have To?

One of the urban legends sweeping across the Internet is of a cheap new cellulite treatment. You take a vacuum cleaner and have it suck onto your body parts with cellulite on them. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist (or someone desperate enough to try) to know that this cellulite treatment will not work.

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