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Mesotherapy as a Cellulite Body Treatment

8/19 11:01:46

You may be wondering which cellulite body treatment is right for you. When considering a cellulite body treatment that involves medical treatments, it is important that you choose a treatment that has proven success. Although mesotherapy is new is some circles, it has actually been around for more than 50 years.

Despite its long use in Europe and the Americas, it has not been proven that the injections destroy the fat cells only nor has it been proven that the therapy really improves the appearance of the skin. Despite this, there are numerous physicians who administer the injections and in 1987, the French Academy of Medicine recognized the treatment as a medicine specialty.

Face And Body Treatments

Mesotherapy can be used on any part of the body that needs treatment. The eye area, chin area and any other areas that are marred by sagging or fatty areas can be treated with mesotherapy. The injection of medications destroys the fat cells and the connective tissue that holds the fat cells together. Mesotherapy for cellulite is a treatment that involves a series of injections to areas with cellulite. The injections for cellulite are made in the middle layer of fat where cellulite appears. The injections contain vitamins, extracts and medications which together act to reduce cellulite, fat, sagging and spot fat reduction.

Many Ingredients In The Injections

The list of ingredients in the mesotherapy solutions contains over 23 substances of which two are the painkillers, procaine and lidocaine. Other ingredients include multiple vitamins, gingko biloba, yohimbine, collagenase and hyuluronidase. The mixtures in the injections can be customized to avoid allergic reactions and to create a weaker or stronger solution according to the client and physician’s decision for the best course.

Side Effects Of The Mesotherapy

It is recommended that a series of between 4 and 10 injection sessions be performed for the best results with this cellulite body treatment. The procedure can cause localized bruising and tenderness. This is caused by the fat and connective tissue that have been diminished. Allergic reactions can also develop to the ingredients of the injection solution. Unlike more invasive treatments that involve surgical procedures, mesotherapy can be performed without too much of a change in lifestyle during the recovery time.

If you are considering mesotherapy as a cellulite body treatment, it is important that you make a great effort to research the effects that were experienced by previous users. You should also check the credentials, success rate and testimony of previous patients of any physician who offers mesotherapy as a cellulite body treatment.

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