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Beating the Chocolate Craving

8/19 11:01:37

There are many women who battle to beat the chocolate craving in their life, especially during certain times of the month or during pregnancy. When this is the case, she will look for ways to stop the chocolate craving so that it is not overwhelming to her life. Although some amounts of chocolate can actually be good in the diet, especially dark chocolate, eating large amounts of chocolate can cause the woman to gain weight and can also cause her to lose sleep at night due to the caffeine in the chocolate.

Beat the Urge

One way to cease the chocolate craving is to distract the mind from the craving and to gain energy another way. Going for a walk is a great way to beat the chocolate craving since it allows the woman to get outside, which is invigorating in itself, as well as gives her some exercise which also serves to raise her energy level. When she gets back to the house, she will feel better about herself and also be more energetic and likely to be able to resist the chocolate temptation.

An obvious way to resist the chocolate craving is to refuse to keep large amounts of chocolate in the house, if keeping any at all. In this way, she could have some chocolate as a treat when she is in a public place and less likely to overindulge her craving. In addition to refusing to keep the chocolate in the home, she can also eat foods that really do not mix well with chocolate since they are very strong in taste. Unless the woman is pregnant and more susceptible to strange cravings, she can eat a pickled onion, pickles or aniseed ball which all have very distinct flavors that do not mix well with the chocolate.

In addition, having a chocolate craving can happen when an individual is bored. Giving the hands something to do or taking the time to plan an activity during those times of day when boredom sets in can be very beneficial in stopping the urges to eat chocolate. There are also some low fat ways to have the chocolate craving satisfied without over-indulging in it. For instance, having a cup of hot chocolate can satisfy the craving without going overboard. Having a low fat granola bar with chocolate in it can also be a way to satisfy the craving for chocolate. There are also light mousses and puddings that have the chocolate flavor but not all of the fat and calories of the real thing.

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