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A Guide to Cellulite Treatment

8/19 11:01:19

More than 90% of women of all ages, around the globe, face the problem of cellulite. Cellulite is not fat, but collection of fat that presses against connective tissues under the person’s skin, causing the pucker or dimple. It is mainly found on stomach, butt and thighs. Cellulite is not an issue related to just fat content in the body, but is associated with the way in which the body reacts to toxin build-up.

Common Cellulite Treatment

The main causes of cellulite are lack of exercise, bad eating habits, smoking, heredity and stress. Cellulite is neither a medical term, nor a cosmetic issue, but simply a collection of fatty tissues. Cellulite is not related to obesity, and people with average weight also can have it.

One of the most effective cellulite treatments is Cellumend cream, and is manufactured by Dermaxime. Creams are easy to use, don’t cause any pain, and are quite cost-effective. Cellulite creams are most popular cellulite treatment because these creams are easily available in stores, but one has to be really patient for any visible results.

Another effective cellulite treatment is cosmetic surgery, but this procedure can be painful and extremely costly. The results are often temporary unless accompanied by good diet and regular exercise. Surgery is the quick fix option, and involves pain and risk of infection

Cellulite diet along with regular exercise is the best cellulite treatment, as it not only improves appearance of cellulite, but offers several health benefits as well. It is quite cost effective, and can keep the cellulite at bay easily. The key lies in sticking to a good diet and exercise regime, and having patience, because it takes some time for results to show.

Massage is also a painless and effective cellulite treatment, and most of the cellulite problems vanishe in less than a month.

There are certain food items that offer best cellulite treatment, and the diet containing these food items is known as cellulite diet. It is one of the quickest and cheapest cures that works best in the long term. Five best anti-cellulite foods are beans and legumes, white meats, fresh fish, water, and fruits and vegetables.

There are certain herbs that can be used for cellulite treatment, and these herbs work in different ways, depending on the individual herb. Some of the most effective herbs include dandelion, gotu kola, parsley, milk Thistle, horse chestnut, gingko biloba, grape seed extract, kelp, green tea and sweet clover. Most of the herbs help improve the blood circulation, restore health of the cells, get rid of toxins, and make the skin more elastic. Avocado, asparagus, beans, bananas, berries, broccoli, bran and oat cereals, nuts, oily fish and citrus fruits must be a part cellulite treatment plan.

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