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Goodbye Cellulite! the Basics of Cellulite Reduction

8/19 11:01:14

Many women will face cellulite at some point in their lives. That dimpling and cottage cheese appearance is due to changes in the subcutaneous fat cells and connective tissue that holds them together. It is usually seen in the thigh and buttock area, and can be severe enough to prevent some women from wearing shorts or bathing suits. While no one knows for sure why cellulite occurs, there have been some advances in treating and reducing the appearance of cellulite. This article will explain three methods of cellulite reduction that have proven to offer positive results to many women who have tried them.

Diet and Exercise

While diet and exercise will not "cure" cellulite, they can be effective methods of cellulite reduction. While obesity does not cause this condition, there does appear to be a clear correlation between weight gain and the appearance of cellulite. This explains why many women have experienced cellulite reduction through a weight loss program. However, diet is about more than simply cutting calories. By adding detoxifying foods to the diet, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, one can enhance the function of the lymphatic system, which may in turn reduce the appearance of dimpling. Strength training combined with fat burning aerobic exercise may also be a successful method of cellulite reduction exercise.


Some women find that certain massage techniques can also provide cellulite reduction. Massage can improve circulation and enhance lymphatic drainage, which may reduce the appearance of cellulite. Massage can also aid in getting toxins out of the body, which is another effective method of cellulite reduction. In most cases, the type of massage used is a deep tissue massage that can reach into the connective tissue that is part of the cellulite problem. The oils that are used during a massage can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite, at least over the short term. To maintain positive effects, massage will need to be repeated regularly.

Cosmetic Procedures

The one cosmetic procedure that has been approved by the FDA for cellulite reduction is Endermologie. This device used rolling and suctioning action to smooth out the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Endermologie can be done in a cosmetic surgeon's office or in a medical spa. The process is quick, relatively painless and effective for many women. However, it is also expensive and will need to be repeated regularly to maintain results.

Cellulite is a problem for many women, but the good news is that there are many effective methods of cellulite reduction available. Whether you choose diet and exercise, massage or cosmetic treatments, you can achieve smoother, more beautiful skin.

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