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A Guide to Laser Cellulite Removal

8/19 11:00:55

Cellulites are the fat cells that accumulate under the skin and push through skin’s connective tissues, giving it the unsightly dimpled appearance. There are many technologies and procedures now available for cellulite removal, and these techniques are effective and safe to use. Mesotheray, Velasmooth, Triactive, and Edermologie are considered few of the best options available.

Laser Cellulite Removal Technique

As per the records, in US alone, women spend more than $1m each year on various cellulite therapies and treatments, and laser cellulite removal is one of them. Laser has become very famous as it is considered a permanent solution to get rid of the cellulite. Ultrasound is one of the techniques that was initially used for monitoring unborn babies and kidney stones. Now, it is used for removal of fat based on the focused light energy under the skin surface. It heats up the fat cells causing the cell membranes to break, and massages the local are to speed up the drainage and elimination of cellulite.

Another type of laser cellulite removal involves radio frequency to get rid of post-operative compression garments. The radio frequency heats up fat cells, stimulating the supporting blood and lymphatic supply. This causes cell membranes of fat cells to break down, and fat is captured and carried off by lymphatic system.

Light energy laser cellulite removal is a modified laser removal system that involves low impact non-surgical fat elimination. Laser emits the energy, and it is absorbed by the fat cells till cell membranes breakdown.

DEKA machine incorporates the Tri-active technology using three different methods separately. In this procedure, six lasers are used to stimulate the microcirculation for localized cooling and rhythmical massage, and this stimulates the lymphatic drainage. This combination of progressive stimulation and massaging action improves the biological means to get rid of cellulite and connecting tissues.

Laser cellulite removal treatments are being considered to be used in conjunction with Endermologie so that the laser will soften the tissue and Endermologie massage will improve the effects. Laser cellulite removal treatment is a promising technology, and can really benefit the women who are looking for effective cellulite removal. For optimum results, several sessions might be required that can get pricey and if you gain back the lost weight or go back to the sedentary lifestyle, the cellulite has the tendency to return.

Laser cellulite removal is effective method, yet it can be expensive. Eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly is quite effective in cellulite removal as well. You can also use cellulite removal products such as gels, lotions and creams to get rid of cellulite. However, before using any product, talk to your doctor and do enough research.

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