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Following a Pure Cranberry Juice Diet

8/19 11:00:35

There are many different juices on the market today that claim to have nutrients that are great for losing weight or cleansing out the body's systems. However, there are none that seem to come close to a pure cranberry juice diet. When planning a pure cranberry juice diet, the people on it will often have to go to a health food store or a high end grocery store that has a health food section so that the pure juice can be found. Otherwise, the cranberry juice will be mixed with other juices so that, even though it is called cranberry juice, it is anything but pure. However, there are brands that can help with a pure cranberry juice diet such as Smuckers, who carries concentrated cranberry juice that is only mixed with a little purified water.

Benefits of the Diet

There are many health benefits of a pure cranberry juice diet. The first is that the cranberries have so many nutrients in them that they are good for the body. There is dietary fiber which is good for the digestive system, helping to keep toxins moving out of the body. There are antioxidants and proanthocyanidin which are great for helping to cleanse the kidneys of the body so that the toxins are also removed from the cells and tissues there. In addition, the pure cranberry juice diet also allows the body to cleanse out the lymphatic system which will sometimes hold fats that can affect the people's health.

Besides the cleansing properties, the pure cranberry juice diet also helps to restore the body through the many vitamins and minerals that it has in it. There are vitamins C, K and A in the cranberries, all of which are great for the body. There is also manganese and potassium, which can be very important, especially for those who are athletes. When taking the pure cranberry juice in the diet, the cranberry juice is usually mixed with water in a proportion of two tablespoons of cranberry juice to one cup of water so that the body is constantly being flushed out. In addition, the juice is mixed in that proportion in the morning with the addition of one teaspoon of green powder such as Spirullina or Chlorella. This is ingested first thing in the morning so that it is not diluted with other foods or drinks and the most benefits can be obtained in the pure cranberry juice diet.

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