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Finding Pure Juice with a Smuckers Cranberry Juice Diet

8/19 11:00:33

In order to lose weight and also cleanse the systems of the body, people will sometimes turn to a cranberry juice diet plan. These plans will call for the use of pure cranberry juice so that the juice is not diluted with sugars or other juices like many that are on the market today. Instead, the juice should be composed of only cranberry juice and a little purified water. This makes these juices more expensive to purchase, but a cranberry juice diet does not take much cranberry juice at a time to obtain the effects of it on the body. One brand, Smucker's, makes a cranberry juice that is pure for these diets. The Smucker's cranberry juice for the diet can often be purchased in bulk so that the price is a little less expensive and it saves the user from having to find that particular kind in a grocery or health food store.

Details of the Diet

The Smucker's cranberry juice diet consists of the person waking up in the morning and making and elixir of the cranberry juice and other ingredients. The elixir needs to be taken in the morning so that the body has time to absorb what is in it before other foods and drinks are added to the body with breakfast. The Smucker's cranberry juice diet elixir is made of about two tablespoons of the cranberry juice, about a cup of water which has been purified, and one teaspoon of a green powder. The green powder also has other names that it is given since there are other types of it. It is sometimes called chlorophylle powder or superood powder. In the stores, people should look for things such as wheatgrass powder, Barley Green powder, Chlorella or Spirullina. These ingredients are mixed together and then consumed.

During the day, the Smucker's cranberry juice diet will often call for the dieters to drink their water throughout the day with two tablespoons of cranberry juice per one cup of water. In this way, the body is continually being flushed out with the cranberry juice and the person has the pleasure of drinking cranberry flavored water during the course of the day, often leading to more water consumption than normal which also helps to flush out the system. The other foods that are eaten during a Smucker's cranberry juice diet are usually recommended according to the food groups and the proper eating portions. People should also start on a moderate exercise plan so that the effects of the weight loss can continue into the future.

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