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A Short Term Solution: Hollywood Celebrity Juice Diet

8/19 11:00:31

The Hollywood juice diet recipe is really nothing too amazing as there are not some secret ingredients that cause an amazing weight loss. Instead, the Hollywood celebrity juice diet is composed of a juice mixture that is concentrated so that only a little of the mixture is used with water throughout the day in prescribed amounts. In this way, the Hollywood celebrity juice diet is no different than other juice diets that put the people on a liquid diet for one or two days to flush out the system. Any of these diets will cause the person to lose weight within the first twenty-four hours. However, the weight loss cannot be considered maintainable at that point since it is a weight loss that is from fluid loss rather than fat loss. The only way to truly lose fat in a short amount of time is by artificial means such as liposuction.

Using the Diet

There are two options in the Hollywood celebrity juice diet. One is to diet for twenty-four hours and the other is to diet for forty-eight hours. In either case, the person is supposed to lose about five pounds within the first day of the diet. To maintain the results of the weight loss, the person would have to either choose to follow the rest of the Hollywood diet which goes for thirty days, or they would have to put themselves on some other type of diet and exercise plan to start losing fat as well.

The benefit of using the Hollywood celebrity juice diet is that it starts a diet off with a bang. Often the hardest part of a diet is getting started and when the person sees five pounds come off in one day it is helpful to their resolution to make a life change in the way that they eat and exercise. Although rigorous exercise is not recommended during the diet, it can certainly be started after the one or two days are over to help the metabolism to boost and burn more calories.

Another benefit of using the Hollywood celebrity juice diet is that it is not full of caffeine or ephedrine like other diet pills and drinks tend to be. There is also the recommendation that while a person is doing the one or two day liquid fast that they should not smoke at all. This may also inspire a person to become more healthy because if they can last one or two days without smoking, what is to say that they cannot last the rest of their lives.

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