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Healthy Eating: Cranberry Juice Diet Plan

8/19 11:00:27

There are many different types of fruit juice diet plans on the market today. In fact, it is practically possible to choose a diet that varies from one side of the spectrum to the other. There are diets that are composed of extreme measures such as only eating proteins and very minimum amounts of carbohydrates and there are others that maintain that all that should be taken for a period of time are juices. There are other plans that are composed of point systems so that the different foods are linked to certain amounts of points, and still other systems where the meals are all pre-packaged for consumption. The cranberry juice diet plan falls in the middle ground, not being one of the extreme measures that some of the other plans promote, yet still offering a great detoxifying solution for those that want it.

Not only will the cranberry juice diet plan help to detoxify the body in terms of the latent toxins and fats that are found in the lymphatic system, the digestive tract and the kidneys, it is also said to help to remove the toxins that are detected in drug screenings from the illegal drug marijuana. There are some who have used the cranberry juice diet plan for three days or more before the drug test, while refusing to take any more of the marijuana, and have tested clean for drug use. This method has not been proven and the best method is to stop smoking altogether.

Diet and Exercise

The best way to utilize a cranberry juice diet plan is to match it with a solid exercise plan that is easy to maintain in the long run. Although going to a gym might be practical for some, it is not always the best scenario for those who have a busy schedule with family and other responsibilities. In addition, the cost of the gym membership is often an added expense that cannot be added during certain seasons of life. This does not mean that a simple exercise plan cannot be implemented. There are plenty of exercises that can be done in and around the home to maintain good health. People can go for walks, do sit ups, push ups and other exercises around the home, watch exercise videos and more along with doing the cranberry juice diet plan. What is important is to exercise and find a time of day that works for regularity.

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