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Is It Another Fad? Grapefruit Juice Diet Review

8/19 11:00:21

The pink grapefruit juice diet has been around for a long time, as opposed to the diet fads that seem to come out monthly. The grapefruit juice diet reviews are mixed about the validity of the diet for sustainable weight loss, but it does seem fairly clear that the plan causes weight loss over the short term. Although the plan is based on a seemingly magical fruit, the grapefruit, studies show that there really is not any magical property to that fruit that causes the weight loss during the duration of the plan. Instead, the grapefruit juice diet reviews say that the grapefruit does have Vitamin C and a lot of fiber in it, and also lowers the insulin levels in the person's body when he eats it. Lowering the insulin levels helps the person to feel satisfied faster when eating so that he is less likely to overeat. In this way, the grapefruit does seem to have an affect on the success of the diet plan, but in all other ways seem to have a negligible affect.

The Plan

According to the grapefruit juice diet reviews, the plans that are shown through various sources today all have a low calorie, high protein diet that does not have many carbohydrates in it. It is mainly due to the low calories that the diets are a success for the short term. However, if the plan is not paired with a healthy exercise regimen, then the weight loss is not generally sustained in the long run as the person quickly gains back the fluid lost over the course of the diet.

The grapefruit juice diet reviews state that the one half of a grapefruit must be eaten three times per day, once at each meal time. The grapefruit can be substituted with an eight ounce glass of grapefruit juice that does not have anything added to it. In addition to the grapefruit sections, the person will eat two eggs and two pieces of bacon for breakfast each day. Coffee is also allowed at breakfast time. At lunch, the person will eat a salad with as much dressing as he wants on it. He will also eat any type of meat that he wants, prepared any way that he wants it prepared. For dinner, he will eat any type of red or green vegetable as long as it is not a starchy vegetable so that the carbohydrates are not high during the diet.

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