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Pros and Cons of the Juice Based Detox Diet

8/19 11:00:17

A detox diet is one that aims at cleansing the body and healing the cells leading to renewed energy and vitality. A juice based detox diet is one example of a detox diet and is taken in the absence of other foods. This is commonly referred to as the juice fast and is said to be gentle. This involves making a fruit or vegetable juice each day for a number of days. The overall effect of the juice based detox diet is likely to be seen after a very short while.


A juice detox diet plan is simple to create since there are no limitations to the types of fruits and vegetables to use in making the juice based detox diet. The availability of specific fruits and vegetables in a place therefore is not a factor in making the juice-based diet. A variety of juices can be made so that for each day has a different mixture and taste of juices.

The juice based detox diet can be served either cold or hot. This implies that during the cold seasons the diet can still be taken as a broth, which thickens the juice. A person is able to carry on for a number of days on this diet since the fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients.

There are medical benefits that come with taking the juice based detox diet such as the detoxification of cells as well as building the walls of the cells. The overall outcome is seen in a number of days since the skin looks healthier making the person look younger.

Side Effects

In the first days of taking the juice based detox diet a person is likely to get faint and may even face the temptation of breaking the fast. However, after a while their body system adjusts to the change in diet and works on removing all the toxins in the body. It is not surprising for a person to experience some side effects because of the detoxification process. These may include weakness, nausea and headaches.

The larger the number of toxins in the body the more the side effects one is likely to experience. When taking the juice based detox diet, the emotions and thoughts of a person are likely to be affected so that the old negative memories and feelings come up. The person on the juice based detox diet may even have a quick temper or get mildly depressed, discouraged and irritated. These symptoms seem to pass with time when the person experiences bouts of energy before sinking into the mild depression.

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