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Try the Lemon Juice Diet for a Healthier You

8/19 11:00:16

The lemon juice diet is no newcomer to the world of diets and detoxing. In fact it has been around for ages and even the high and mighty of Hollywood swear by it. Some of the prominent stars and starlets of tinsel town have tried the lemon juice diet, tested it and came back with rave reviews. However, Hollywood personalities are well known for the extreme lengths they will go to in order to lose weight and keep up with any of the latest trends. So how can you be sure that the lemon juice diet really is good for your health and safe for you to use?

Lemons And Losing Weight

Although you can find many variations of it such as the lemon juice and maple syrup diet, the first testament to its safety is that there are no harmful or artificial chemicals used in the lemon juice diet. The most basic form of this diet uses nothing more than lemon juice and water as its main components, unless you are allergic to them, these ingredients are 100% safe to use.

However, before undertaking any sort of diet at all it is wise to consult your doctor. This is to make sure you will be able to cope with the stresses of being on that particular diet. It is also not recommended that you undertake any fruit juice diet for more than two weeks maximum. Many people would benefit from a bi-annual detoxing. Doing this twice a year will help to regulate the accumulation of toxins in your body. It will benefit your health and help your weight management.

Even those of us who are healthy and fit can do with a twice yearly detox to improve on our already good health and fitness. The lemon juice diet and its variants are a good source of vitamins and minerals as well as a rich source of antioxidants. The antioxidants will help you in eliminating all the harmful chemicals and toxins from your body. Chemicals and toxins build up thorough the air we breath in every day, food we put in our bodies and what we drink. So it is important to flush them out every so often. The vitamins and minerals will help boost your immune system and improve your health. The lemon juice diet is not such a great idea if you are looking for a miracle weight loss plan. It may kick start your metabolism or even slow it down a little. And you may lose a little weight, but you are likely to put it right back on after the diet, so rather concentrate on the detoxing benefits.

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