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Benefits of Breast Reduction By Liposuction

8/19 10:58:06

Breast reduction by liposuction is a surgery that is performed on the breast to reduce the weight and size. Although this used to happen mainly among women, male breast liposuction is steadily becoming common among males in many parts of the world. Liposuction is said to be a better way of breast reduction because it does not leave many scars behind and is considered much safer than other forms of breast reduction. Breast reduction by liposuction involves extracting excess fats using a pipe referred to as a cannula through small incisions made on the body.

Breast reduction by liposuction is sometimes performed for medical reasons as opposed to cosmetic reasons. Large breasts are known to cause pain on the neck and back as well as have skin irritation, breathing problems and skeletal deformities. Therefore, some women are actually advised to get breast reduction by liposuction in order to avoid these complications. In addition, the patients get to live a fuller life because their breasts become smaller and the breast area becomes more attractive and comfortable.

Getting Ready For Breast Reduction

Before deciding upon breast reduction by liposuction, there are several tests that have to be conducted by a plastic surgeon. To start with, the breasts need not be larger than a double D size and the skin has to be elastic enough. This is mainly convenient for young women whose skin elasticity is not compromised by age. In addition, patients need to be aware of the procedure and what it entails both before and after the surgery. There are several benefits that are associated with breast reduction by liposuction. One of them is the reduced scarring that is left on the breast after the surgery. Since the incisions are put under the breast, any scars will be hidden under the breast itself and they will be minimal. Another very important benefit of breast reduction by liposuction is that the nipples are not affected and therefore the woman still has breast sensation and can also breastfeed after breast reduction by liposuction.

There are also some risks that are associated with breast reduction by liposuction such as bleeding, infections and other complications related to local anesthesia. However, when compared to the old ways of breast reduction, liposuction is a very safe and convenient form of surgery. In fact, some insurance companies have started to cater for this particular surgery because some patients undergo breast reduction by liposuction for medical reasons.

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