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It Pays to Understand More about What a Good Liposuction Tumescent Technique Is

8/19 10:57:43

It will certainly pay for you to first of all ensure that your surgeon uses the proper liposuction tumescent technique as only then are you assured of minimal pain and bruising and in addition you also will not need to worry about experiencing excessive swelling. All you need to do is ensure that your doctor is an expert and is also well conversant in the best liposuction tumescent techniques as only then can you enjoy an almost bloodless procedure which also obviates the need to go in for blood transfusion.

Use Of Local Anesthesia

The most common liposuction tumescent technique requires that the patient first be injected with local anesthesia which will then deaden the affected area and which also prepares it for further fat suctioning and sculpting. Normally, the anesthetic solutions used comprises of saline mixture and some lidocaine and also some epinephrine. Once the solution is injected into the affected area it deadens only the area that is to be treated and this allows the doctor to perform their tumescent liposuction technique while the patient is awake though not feeling any discomfort or pain.

Furthermore, the right liposuction tumescent technique requires that sufficient amount of anesthetic solution be injected so as to tumesce and even inflate the fat in the body which will then swell up as well as firm up and this ensures that the procedure will be easily completed.

A second type of liposuction tumescent technique that is often used is the one that is known as the super wet technique which is similar to the technique that makes use of local anesthesia but in this case very little anesthesia is used, being no more and no less than the amount of fat that is to be reduced. This liposuction tumescent technique makes use of IV sedation or what is known as general anesthesia and the procedure also takes much longer to complete taking about an hour or even two hours to complete.

Another aspect to choosing the most appropriate liposuction tumescent technique is that you need to consider the amount of swelling that will develop after the procedure is completed and which can occur outwardly or inwardly. Also, in regard to tumescent liposuction recovery, it has been noticed that the period of time taken to fully recuperate will vary from individual to individual.

The bottom line in regard to choosing the right liposuction tumescent technique is that if you pick the right surgeon then you stand to gain a number of benefits including removal of most if not all skin irregularities, almost bloodless procedure, minimal bruising as well as quicker recovery times.

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